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Since 1998, and starting with iceberg lettuce that was regarded as an uncommon item back then, Alphagreen has been dedicated to the cultivation of fresh vegetables using the latest technology and equipment. Our main production line has consisted of iceberg lettuce, romaine cos lettuce, as well as fancy lettuce: lolo rosso, lolo verde, oakleaf red, oakleaf green, butter head red, butter head green, and frisee. Lettuce and other vegetables are distributed to the local market, while shredded vegetables are sold to restaurant chains, catering companies, etc.

With selected fertile soils in the Bekaa and Southern region of Lebanon, our farm areas have substantially extended to 2 million sqm in 2016. Since 1999, Alphagreen has managed to launch its export operations to all GCC countries and expanded to EU markets in 2016. Our own factory for processing salad items has also been established in 2003. In 2016, and in addition to lettuce, onion, carrot, and rocket leaves,new products were introduced to our processing line, such as cherry tomatoes, oak leaf red, and cucumbers.

Proudly Global-GAP certified since 2010 and HACCP certified since 2008, Alphagreen continues to dig deeper into the soil of progress and growth.

Duties, Ambitions, & Ethics

Alphagreen aims at producing safe and high quality food to consumers on a daily-basis. Our extensive experience, advanced technology, and deep loyalty of customers serve as the roots to our growth and achievement. Today, quality is a key driver for our evolution and an integral part of every process we undertake from raw material to ready-to-eat vegetables.

We plan on preserving and boosting our reputation in the local, regional, and international markets as servers of the finest vegetables. We strive to become the number one providers in this field, Lebanon's territory proudly being the source of this achievement.

We thrive on core ethical values prioritizing integrity with staff and customers, consistency of service and product quality, team work within a family spirit, as well as growth pursuit through change

we are primarily committed to

green-circlesFood securitygreen-circles

Premium agricultural practices by following the latest technologies in irrigation, plant protection, and post harvest management.

Respect of the environment and minimizing pollution.

Respect of local and international standards of GCC and EU countries.

Traceability system from seed to customer and from customer to seed.


Harvest of products "in the early morning" on demand.

Directly from Alphagreen to consumer.

Refrigerated trucks capable of ensuring fast shipment and export.


Premium quality products in Lebanon and the region.

Certification of Global GAP, and HACCP among others.

Vigilant control from seed to harvest .

MRL tests for products in accredited laboratories in EU.


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