We care about

The Environment

Alphagreen stands out from its peers by caring about the environment through the development of delicate ecosystems and the implementation of Global GAP standards.

Alphagreen has 2 production sites:

1. Bekaa Valley during the summer season.
2. Coastal area in the southern region during the winter season.

80% of alphagreen production is exported to the GCC and EU countries. The rest is distributed to the local market and Alphagreen salad factory.


- Quality is controlled and guaranteed from seed to salad.

- Workers participating in the production process are well trained and follow strict hygiene rules.

- The water used for irrigation is sampled on regular basis for microbiological and chemical testing.

- All used pesticides are authorized for lettuce.

- Lettuce samples are sent to an accredited laboratory in Europe to test the MRL on a regular basis.

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